Partner cities and other forms of cooperation

  • Budaors, Hungary – 2008 Friendship and Cooperation Letter of Intent
  • Segedin, Hungary – 2003 Cooperation Letter of Intent
  • Pečuh, Hungary – 2009 Cultural Cooperation Protocol
  • Veles, FYR of Macedonia – 2002 Friendship and Cultural Cooperation Agreement Draft
  • Novorossijsk, Russia – 1997 Cooperation and Twinning Protocol
  • Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina – 2009 Cities and National Minorities Associations Cooperation Memorandum
  • Vienna, Austria – Austrian National Archive donation of documents about the Pula architectural heritage from the Austrian-Hungarian period
    • cooperation with the Magistrate Directory – Directory for city cooperation in the field of utility services (Pula is a local partner within the Interreg IIIB Cadses program framework – Urban Technology Network)

Cooperation with cities in the Adriatic region on projects financed from the EU pre-accession funds:

  • Rimini, Italy – projects ADRIA.Net, TESCOS, ADRIA-TUR, ADRIA. LINK, IN.RO.SE.
  • Ravenna, Italy – projects INFIORE, ADRIA – TUR, ADRIA. LINK, IN.RO.SE.
  • Gorica, Slovenia – project YOUTH ADRINET (See more under Projects)

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