International cooperation

The City of Pula is a traditionally open, tourist-oriented city with developed international cooperation whose beginnings go back 50 years when it established first contact with the City of Graz. After the first successful establishment of contact, Pula expanded its city connections during the 1970s and 1980s when it signed twinning charters with the following cities: Trier (Germany), Graz (Austria), Imola, Verona (Italy), Kranj (Slovenia), Čabar and Varaždin (Croatia).

During the Croatian Fatherland war, our twinning and friend cities from Italy and Austria gathered the first humanitarian aid for the casualties and refugees and unselfishly helped to mitigate war consequences. The processes of decentralization that occurred in the 1990s imposed a need for further cooperation establishment between Pula and other cities. Firm friendly relations and other forms of cooperation, alongside the enumerated twinning cities, were established with Vienna, Segedin, Pečuh, Budaors, Veles, Novorossiysk and are kept to this day. In 2005 cooperation with two new cities began: Hekinan (Japan) that hosted Republic of Croatia during the World Exhibition EXPO 2005 and Villefranche-de-Rouergue (France) that is the home to a monument dedicated to Croatians that died during WWII.

The cities that stand out on the friendship chart are located in the neighborly European countries. The City of Pula executes joint programs with these cities in the fields of common interest, such as utility services, economy, tourism; cultural, educational, sports and youth exchange programs. The intensive contact and cooperation with the twinning cities in the last couple of years have included the City of Pula into the European integration processes i. e. stimulated it to candidate cross border cooperation projects to the European Commission.

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